Brown University

Like many institutions, Brown University’s use of technology is evolving rapidly. Research, academic and administrative computing all face growing demands for investment and services. On top of this, the University is also in the midst of several large-scale technology implementations. For the past three years, Phil Goldstein has been engaged as an advisor to Brown’s CIO. In the course of this engagement, he has assisted with the development of a strategic plan for technology and helped refine the IT governance practices. Additionally, he has advised the CIO on the implementation of a reorganization of the central IT organization that has made it more flexible and adaptive.

Cal State University, Northridge

The job of an IT leader requires carefully balancing the needs of a diverse set of stakeholders while overseeing the day-to-day operations of a large organization that delivers nearly 24/7 services. The CIO of Cal State University, Northridge, engaged Phil Goldstein as an advisor on how best to manage the many aspects of this complex role.

We have been working with the CIO and the IT leadership team to develop a strategic plan, implement IT governance practices, and design operational and strategic metrics.

This past year has seen the development of CSUN’s first survey of constituent satisfaction with technology. Beyond analyzing this data, we continue to advise CSUN on their major technology management and adoption decisions.

The University of California, Berkeley

Like many large universities, UC Berkeley has institutional data hosted and stored in multiple sites across the campus. Unfortunately, data accessibility, reliability and security can be compromised as a result of the wide distribution across varying systems and architectures. Moreover, each of these unique systems requires an investment to build, customize and maintain.

Mary Beth was hired by the Vice Chancellor for Administration and the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost at UC Berkeley to design and manage an initiative explaining the depth and breadth of the institutional data management and governance issues on campus.

Working with internal consultants, an Advisory Group and a Task Force composed of senior leadership on campus, the team identified critical issues and developed a set of recommendations to move the campus forward in creating an environment in which data is accessible, consistent, reliable and secure.